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The Lieberman Law Company, LLC is a full service law firm. We handle all personal injury with or without insurance and Personal Injury Protection, Unfair Business Practice matters.

Auto Accidents Without Insurance (No Bodily Injury (BI) or Uninsured Motorist (UM)

The Lieberman Law Company, LLC welcomes auto accident cases in which there is no liability insurance (NO UM or BI) available on the accident claim. We handle NO insurance accidents throughout the state of Florida. We will pursue the at-fault driver and/or vehicle owner in Court. The Financial Responsibility Law allows for a Drivers License Suspension and Vehicle Registration Suspension of the At-Fault vehicle owner and at-fault driver.

I received a Lieberman Law Company Notice, what should I do?

You have received Notice letter because from our records, our investigation has revealed that

  1. You have a Valid Drivers License
  2. You do not have Insurance (Bodily Injury) to pay for our client’s medical expenses and personal injuries.

If you do not have a valid drivers license or believe to have Insurance, please contact our office immediately. This will avoid the matter going to Court at the current time. You are also welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

Please be advised that a Judgment against you up to $10,000.00 that is not paid within 30 days may result in a Drivers License Suspension. A payment plan would this situation.

For further information about drivers license suspensions and Judgments from the State of Florida please see below links.

Check your drivers license number

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Personal Injury Protection Law

The Lieberman Law Company vigorously pursues PIP carrier to obtain the proper PIP benefits on behalf of claimaint

The newly enacted 2008 PIP law has resulted in confusion amount auto insurance carriers as to the proper payment amount. Our clients have been surprised that the same procedure codes are paid on different rates from insurance carriers though a strict fee schedule is in place.

Other issues we have successfully litigated included the issue of an incomplete Box 31, incomplete Acknowledgment and Consent to treatment forms as well as to the issue of the PIP benefits being exhausted.

Please contact our office to discuss your PIP issue.

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